Lyrics - Ephrem, Pts. 1 & 11


The windows in my car are just dying to shine 

bright with your reflections again 

God where did you go? 

or maybe it’s just me that needs to be found 


So take what you want from me 

it would be alright 


I’ll never forget your sparkling eyes 

looking right into mine 

And I’ll never regret giving so much 

just to see you again 


so take what you want from me 

and it would be alright


I worry that I won't reach my dreams before I die 

So I'll try to stay awake, I won't fall asleep 

I find myself fall in a line 

and I'm not sure if it feels good or if I'll get it right 


Cause I’m 24 years old and I still don't know where I'm going 

I'm 24 years old, and I still don't know 


Cause I will fight for something 

And I will get it right 


It only feels good for a moment 

Every single day I try 

I realize when I use my own eyes 

I don't know what this world should feel like 

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I’m on the road again 

I’ve seen this place a hundred times before 

I’m drivin' the same ole car again 

But I still never know 

what’s around this next bend 

I'm on the road again


I’m drivin' up these hills 

I’m high now, but I’ll enjoy the thrill 

down these roads 

The beauty that surrounds 

will bring us up, when we’re down 

down these roads 


I’m on the road again 

I’m watchin' all the lives, that we are livin' 


I’ve painted lots of pictures 

with the turn of my wheel 

Cause I…

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She's scared that she might lose 

Everything she's dreamed of 

And she knew that love isn't easy 

She seeks out an answer 

Knowing of course 

That longing for love leads to remorse 

It's love that she has for the man 

It's a pain that she understands 


Passion sits next to love 

She loves the songs in his blood 


I can't stop for now love 

I can't stop for now 

I'm longing 


I see the picture a lot more clear 

And I'm not so sure I'd let it fall on you dear 

But I'm hopelessly…

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The Moon You See

I picked up a lot of pieces I found around town 

figuring out the future talk of the sound 

Will I find it soon? 

Will I find it soon? 


Like dark corners in a well lit room 

I am hiding hoping shadows will move 


I’m the moon you see 

when you look at a sky full of stars 


I’m sorry I sorted out myself and the blame 

but if you come back I won’t change back our name 

Will I find it soon? 

Will I find it soon? 


I’m a flashlight in a well lit room 

Turn all the lights off, the eyes…

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Alone in Brooklyn

I walk on the subway, I see staring eyes 

a little late for trying, the detective knows 

I exit through the turn style 

I’m headed for a walking mile 

I walk up the stairs, head looks around 

but I don’t see anything but the buildings in town 


I’m alone in Brooklyn 

All we need is love, but we can’t stop feelin'


There’s a man, he’s following me 

And my mind is moving faster than the hands up his sleeve 

but he disappears, I can feel the eyes on my back 

but if I turn around, I might hear…

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